Socialbrite: “A Sharing Center to Advance the Social Good”

Socialbrite is a hub that brings together social media tools with social causes and philanthropy in the online community. They provide people with tools and information about using the different social media platforms to directly impact their social cause. Here are a few reasons to check out socialbrite:

1. The Sharing Center on the Socialbrite page, while not directly part of, is a resource for guides, tutorials, videos, and other how-to’s about social media for worthy causes.

2. In addition to the Sharing Center, Socialbrite has a list of organizations and platforms that address social causes in the nonprofit setting.

3. Socialbrite also offers services to NPOs and social change organizations, including strategic planning, community outreach, fund-raising, site development and much more. Visit their social solutions page for a full list of services.

4. Perhaps most useful is their tools section. This section includes information on using social media for social cause, from basic video tutorials on how to tweet Flickr photos, to SEO tips specific to a nonprofit website.

So whether you are a non profit organization looking to learn more about how social media can help your cause, or whether you are just a person looking to connect your social media skills with a good cause, Socialbrite has something of interest for you.

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