An evening with Mayor Menino and Boston World Partnerships

Last night I had the pleasure of joining a group of proud Bostonians at the Liberty Hotel for an event hosted by the Boston World Partnerships. Aside from being able to mingle with Melissa over at Shoestring Magazine (and a BWP Connector), Rachel from The Community Roundtable, Dave from BWP, and Joseline from Boston TweetUp (as well as meeting some other really great people), I ultimately walked away with an even more assured recognition of how great a place Boston is.

Let me clarify. Yes, I think Boston is great period. I’m biased, of course, but I do. However, in this case, it’s abundantly clear that it lives up to the standards that an organization like BWP is holding it to - “an international capital of innovation, a city where top-tier talent clusters together, driving business growth.”

Part of BWP’s mission is to:

“help business leaders worldwide understand and access Boston’s competitive advantages. Our members help us gather and share compelling information relevant to Boston’s economy, and they benefit by plugging into our global network of high-caliber business people.

Monday’s event drew a fair number of people. This is not remarkable, per se. However, the caliber of people is what’s remarkable. I continually met supporters involved in companies, organizations and sectors that are key to achieving the goals of BWP - government, biotech, investing, economics, marketing, non-profits, international relations, business…. The list is endless, but incredibly valuable.

One of the keys to success for the BWP initiatives is to have buy in from all of these sectors, and it’s icing on the cake that the buy in is coming from some of most influential people in these sectors.

Of course, BWP knows this. Their entire model revolves around connecting people.

It only makes sense that they would seek out the most influential and effective connections.  But I would venture a bet that each and every one of the influential - dare I say powerful - people that they have sought out has excepted a role in this organization whole-heartedly.  I would actually be quite surprised if anyone has said no (Has anyone??).  And that is the remarkable part, and why it would unimaginable that this initiative were to fail.

I’m happy to be part of this organization and look forward to continuing my support, whether I’m here, or across the globe.  As I said, I do love Boston…..

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