Biden, Geithner and Duncan discuss higher ed reform

School is back in session, and for Washington, that has meant more than a return to politics and the end of vacation.

In addition to President Obama’s well-publicized back-to-school speech, VP Joe Biden traveled to Syracuse University with Treasury Secretary Timothy Geithner and Education Secretary Arne Duncan to discuss college tuition and  how to make higher ed more affordable for everyone.

The event featured discussion of financial aid and community college options, and occurred in conjunction with the White House release of three reports, one on financial aid simplification, one on 529 savings plans and the third on the major barriers to a college education.

The basic jist? We’re continuing to see major change expected in higher ed, both on the institutional front in how classes are structured and paid for, but also on the federal front, in how education is supported and funded. Why does this matter? Because universities and colleges now have a unique opportunity to take advantage of new funding, new technologies and new ideas to shape how higher ed will be administered in years to come.

Check out the video of the town hall meeting on Syracuse’s campus this week which we’ve included below. We’ll be tracking how this all unfolds, and would love to hear some of yours thoughts!

White House Taskforce on Middle Class Families

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