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Driving Business Value with Social Marketing: eBook on the Social Funnel

22 August 2011

The use of social media as a key marketing strategy is definitively on the top of the agenda for many business executives nowadays. Today we are presenting a high-level look of the key takeaways presented in the eBook presented by Awareness Networks, Inc (please note, Awareness is an Other Side Group client), The Social Marketing Funnel: [...]


Milestones in StumbleUpon History

18 August 2011

StumbleUpon has burst (back) on the scene recently, and businesses are clamouring to decide whether it should become a serious part of social marketing equation moving forward.  For your viewing pleasure, I’ve put together a some milestones about the company.


Think Social Business, Not Social Media.

2 August 2011

Times have change, and so it has the way people advertise and market their business. An infinite number of articles will tell you that social media is in, and if your business isn’t taking part of it, it will be missing out. But, missing out 0n what? This month Oneforty came out with a great [...]


10 Interesting Content Ideas for You

21 July 2011

Creating social content requires skill, but like any skill it can be refined with some practice and tips. This month HubSpot came out with a great report on 100 Community Manager Content Ideas. We thought we’d pull a few good ones out for you, below. Whether you’re a beginner looking for some guidance or an [...]