10 Interesting Content Ideas for You

by Laura Victoria Suarez on 21 July 2011

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Creating social content requires skill, but like any skill it can be refined with some practice and tips. This month HubSpot came out with a great report on 100 Community Manager Content Ideas. We thought we’d pull a few good ones out for you, below.

Whether you’re a beginner looking for some guidance or an expert looking for some fresh ideas, the following tips will help you create innovative, original and interesting content for the correct social media platform.

For all the bloggers out there:

  1. Re-interpret existing content: Collect the top motivational YouTube videos for your audience, top ebooks, top webinars or infographics
  2. Do A survey with Survey Monkey Among your community members and create an infographic based on the results.
  3. Relate your how‐to content to a current event or a celebrity. Example: “5 _____ Lessons from Lady Gaga” or “What the Election Teaches Us About ____”
  4. If you’re a twitter junkie:

  5. Use SocialBro to identify demographic information about your Twitter followers. Learn Factors like nationality and gender, and participate in relevant holidays. (Example: Happy Boxing Day to our Canadian followers!)
  6. If you’re creating evergreen content on your blog, don’t be afraid to schedule Tweets Of old blog posts. A Few months later, they are still valuable to your audience and they may have missed it the first time.
  7. Find and follow your competitors’ followers using FollowerWonk. Learn from them, and Tweet the type of content and hashtags that they care about.
  8. Schedule Tweets of blog posts on the weekends, as people read on the weekends too. Also post Tweets of blog posts at night, as this targets people in other time zones.
  9. For the Facebook freaks:

  10. Have a guest host. Have a celebrity, influencer or company executive take over your Facebook page for an hour or a day to interact directly with community members and answer their questions.
  11. Tell the first part of a joke and let your community finish it. (Example: “Why did the chicken cross the road?”)
  12. Tag Real people in photos – Their Friends will see those photos, and it will drive a new audience to your page.

Have we inspired you in a way you never though? Let us know if you try any of these, or have other ones that work! We’d love to her all about it!

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