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MarketingProfs B2B Content Marketing Report suggests increasing use of content to meet 2012 marketing goals

17 January 2012

A study released last month by MarketingProfs and the Content Marketing Institute highlights some significant numbers in the area of content marketing for the B2B industry.  In short, content production has become and will continue to be a major piece of the marketing mix for B2B marketers. There are several high-level takeaways from the report: Content marketing [...]


SEO Strategy: Short-term feeding vs long-term foundation-building

9 December 2009

Once we’ve gone through the process of developing a much stronger foundation - our website, and once we understand the best keywords to use (though, ideally, we’ve keyword-maximized the site so well that it can stand alone)….once we’ve really built something with a long-term future…..only then should Adwords be used to supplement these efforts.


Social media for the (regulated industry) masses?

6 December 2009

Consumer industries are in the thick of it now… for the most part companies selling direct to consumer have recognized the need for some kind of interaction in social media and have made at least some inroads in putting together a plan and a presence in relevant circles. But B2B companies still struggle with the [...]


What's this thought leadership thing all about?

29 October 2009

PR agencies, consultants, industry experts and your board of directors are all talking about it. Thought leadership! The latest industry buzzword, the serious business’s way of talking about social media and a more stoic way of saying “we’re gonna make you a star!” What B2B company CEO doesn’t want to be considered a thought leader? [...]


Using video in your B2B marketing mix

4 September 2009

Kate just posted over on B2B Voices on adding the use of video to your B2B online marketing program. In the B2B space, online marketing channels are gaining a lot of traction because of their lower delivery costs and higher response rates, as well as the potential for greater ROI than can be seen in [...]


B2B Social Media Marketing: Why should you start?

5 February 2009

Marketing Profs had a great post last week about the benefits of social media for B2B companies.  They focused primarily on the research advantages it offers, with the following highlights: Conducting research to understand more about a prospect’s or client’s “buying desires.” Finding decision makers for certain products and services. Extracting names from a given [...]