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2014 State of Digital Marketing Infographic

27 December 2013

Well, it’s that time of year again…. when you get 2013 summaries and 2014 projections.  Here’s a good infographic from Webmarketing on what marketers said would be their top digital goals and challenges in the new year. You can also download the full report 2014 State of Digital Marketing – An infographic by the team [...]

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Rad or Fad? An Ibiza Hotel and RFID Facebook Postings. Rad.

5 August 2011

This weeks The Social Hour podcast (which everyone should listen to weekly, it’s one of my favorites) had their “Rad or Fad” section focused on a new service provided by the Ushuaia Beach Hotel in Ibiza, Spain.  This hotel, located in one of the hottest party spots in Europe, has just introduced a system whereby [...]

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Emotional Brand - it’s also important

13 July 2010

Emotional Brand I’ve been thinking a lot about branding lately.  It’s because there are a lot more elements we have to be thinking about in new marketing that we may not have had to think about in such a way or to such an extent before. A few weeks ago it was on the Voice [...]


Voice: The new – and mandatory – brand component

19 June 2010

Conversation Response Bi-Directional Engage We’ve heard them all.  Social media marketing requires us to think seriously about these aspects of our marketing campaigns.  You must engage in bi-directional conversation and respond to your audience and engage with them when they reach out to you.  With a focus on conversation and valuable content, brands literally must [...]


How to Effectively Market Your Excellent Customer Service

26 March 2010

I’ve been working with a company that has great customer service.  No, really, they can actually say they have some of the best in the industry – they get orders filled quickly and can produce niche products with relative ease because they’re small enough.  They have customer after customer who says they’re among the best [...]


Asking for information *can* be done well, if you put a little thought into it

2 September 2009

Make it easy for me as a user, make it a quick process with few steps and clicks, make it non-instrusive, and ask me for my permission along the way. NPR used regular tactics, put a little bit of thought into the design and the communications, and made me not only say yes, but made it pretty hard for me to say no.

Next time you want to ask people to listen to you or join you, make it so easy that no doesn’t enter their heads.