Other Side Group Welcomes Tyler Putterman

by Kate on 29 May 2009

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We want to welcome Tyler Putterman to the Other Side Group.  Tyler will be working with us over the summer as a marketing associate, working primarily for one of our main clients.  She will be posting on Ad Your Comments Here throughout the summer, and we look forward to hearing about her thoughts on the field.  For more information, check out her full bio.

Below are her initial thoughts as she begins her work with us.

Growing up in a technological boom has always been something I felt lucky to be a part of. From the very first IBM my dad got for his business, to the big blue Mac desktop (my friends made fun of me in high school for using a Mac…now who’s laughing?), computers have always brought something new. During college, it was a Dell laptop and now I am back to a Macbook. My point is not to showcase all the computers I’ve had, but to make the point that my generation has literally always been around computers. At a certain point, it was no longer just the wealthy that owned home computers; it became a necessity in this advancing climate.

Right now, it’s very difficult to imagine life without the internet. This means, no email, no YouTube, no Googling, which basically translates to isolation. However many of us forget, the internet wasn’t available to the public until 1992, so this explosion of technology has been unimaginably rapid, and in my opinion, it isn’t slowing down, but hurdling forward with new technologies and the endless possibilities of social media.

My first real experience with new social media was when I joined Facebook after being accepted into college. I have always known Facebook for being purely for sport, and was even warned against joining because employers didn’t want to see you on Facebook at all. Now, just a year later, I’ve come across many jobs that require a candidate to be involved in some sort of social media. Twitter also has been receiving a lot of recent attention, despite being around since 2006.

I believe these social platforms are becoming so popular because we are stepping away from tweets about what you ate for breakfast, which few people care about, and it’s become more about using those same platforms to make connections with people you don’t know, and to share ideas and information, regardless of your ultimate agenda.

We now are at the point of no return; we live in a technological age whether we’ve been keeping up with it or not. Working closely with Kate and Anya over the next few months has me very excited to learn from two gurus in such a new area. I am particularly looking forward to seeing how these social platforms, which I have been familiar with in a different regard, are transitioned from personal to professional, and how they can be used in different ways to bring increased awareness, attention and ultimately increased ROI.

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