When did social media lose its way? [Infographic]

by Kate Brodock on 7 May 2013

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In conjunction with the launch of its new Social Inbox tool, Hubspot released an infographic on how companies have lost their way in terms of using social media for marketing and promotion, and also suggest what it might mean to get back on course.

Social Media Infographic

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  • http://twitter.com/BeyondtheFunnel Peter Johnston

    They’ve still missed the point.

    Social networking was never a medium between company and customer.
    It was/is for customers to talk about you, not to you.

    That means that companies, to get their message across, have to work through influencers (Seth Godin called them sneezers) and build a reputation (Inbound thinking) rather than try to interrupt (Push thinking).

    It shows HubSpot isn’t clear about their own strategy.

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