The Rise of the Individual Brand

by Kate on 20 February 2011

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According to Edelman’s 2011 Trust Barometer, there has been a significant shift from trust in a brand to trust in organizations leadership. Consumers are now demanding authority and accountability of corporate leadership.  CEOs are being called upon to be “private sector diplomats” and driving forces within their industry to shape best-practices and policies.

This means that online visibility and reputation of high-profile individuals within organizations will be increasingly important, as will their engagement and communication with consumers and customers.  We’re likely going to see more and more individuals representing their brands in the digital space.

This creates a dual-purpose for the concept of “personal branding”

  • For the individual: The importance placed on advancing yourself as an influential individual in your space continue to be important to professional development.
  • For the organization: The importance of building up individual person-brands within companies will rise.  And Edelman should know.

More on all of this soon….

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