Becoming an Influencer: How to get there and how to stay there

by Kate on 3 March 2011

Posted in: content production,Person-brand

Mashable had an article a few weeks ago, “HOW TO: Jump-Start Your Career By Becoming an Online Influencer” (16 February 2011).  In it, they highlighted ways to actually become an influencer:

  1. You Must Create Content
  2. Go After a Niche
  3. Create a Regular Series
  4. Request to Interview Influencers
  5. Offer Yourself for an Interview
  6. Contribute (for free) to Well-trafficked Media Outlets
  7. Go After Your Industries “Whale” Publications
  8. Connect Your Story With a Current Trend
  9. Connect Your Brand with a Much Bigger Brand
  10. Engage With Your Audience

It’s worth the read.

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