Social media, journalism, personal branding and value. What does it all mean?

29 April 2011

How does opinion fit into the world of social media for business, communication, journalism….publishing in a digital world where information - facts or opinions - can be made public in a matter of seconds? It depends on what type of opinion you choose to share and how well you present it. There have been arguments [...]


Person-brands + Social CRM = Personal Relationship Management (PRM)

4 April 2011

I just came across an old post I had starred from last May, “Macro Trends to Watch” from Edelman Digital.  I had sent the post to myself with a note that said “Social CRM -> Personal CRM.” I’m so happy I came across this - it fits perfectly into what we’ve been talking about with [...]


Becoming an Influencer: How to get there and how to stay there

3 March 2011

Mashable had an article a few weeks ago, “HOW TO: Jump-Start Your Career By Becoming an Online Influencer” (16 February 2011).  In it, they highlighted ways to actually become an influencer: You Must Create Content Go After a Niche Create a Regular Series Request to Interview Influencers Offer Yourself for an Interview Contribute (for free) [...]

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The Rise of the Individual Brand

20 February 2011

According to Edelman’s 2011 Trust Barometer, there has been a significant shift from trust in a brand to trust in organizations leadership. Consumers are now demanding authority and accountability of corporate leadership. CEOs are being called upon to be “private sector diplomats” and driving forces within their industry to shape best-practices and policies. This means [...]