Top 9 OSG posts on social media marketing and content production for 2011

by Kate Brodock on 31 December 2011

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Well, some of you thought our content was pretty good!  Here are some of the top posts of the year from Ad Your Comments Here.

  1. Your Outposts: Going from centralized to a “decentralized federation” (August) - Putting some structure around as institutional social media program that supports the whole as much as the parts.
  2. Bernie Fine, Communications, and PR Crisis Management (December) - Some of my thoughts on communication in the wake of dealing with a sex scandal at SU.
  3. Person-brands + Social CRM = Personal Relationship Management (April) - Combining the concepts of personal branding and social CRM into PRM.
  4. Best Buy’s CEO on Learning to Love Social Media (February) - A summary of a great HBR article on Best Buy’s CEO’s transition to social media enthusiast.
  5. Infographic of the Week: A Visual Guide to SEO (October)
  6. The Rise of the Individual Brand (February) - We take personal branding seriously here, and it’s becoming ever more important in business today.
  7. Social media, journalism, personal branding and value. What does it all mean? (April) - You’ll just have to read this one!
  8. The Role of a Social Media Communicator During a Crisis: A “conversation” with @Chrisbrogan (November) - Additional thoughts on team management in a PR crisis and what my role was.
  9. Getting Your Content Published (November) - A quick interview by WebProNews at the BlogWorld LA conference in November.
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