Navigating Wikipedia as a Communications Manager - A discussion with Phil Gomes of Edelman Digital

by Kate Brodock on 25 October 2012

Posted in: Management,PR

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I had the pleasure of chatting with Phil Gomes, SVP of Digital Integration for Edelman, about how to best navigate Wikipedia on behalf of your organization. Some of the questions we were trying to tackle were:

  • What’s the current relationship between PR and Wikipedia, and where might it be going?
  • How we can we appropriately and ethically work within Wikipedia’s best-practices to ensure our institutions are being accurately represented?
  • What about navigating through Wikipedia’s editing system, and working with its editors?
  • Are the editors working in the best interest of the community?

FULL DISCUSSION BELOW (or you can go directly to the key spots suggested)

2:40 - Phil explains his role at Edelman
4:45 - Identification of the problems in PR and on Wikipedia
7:30 - Corporate Representatives for Wikipedia Engagement (CREWE) inspiration
14:15 - Relationship with Wikipedia Editors
21:14 - Updates and Tips for navigating Wikipedia
32:13 - More on the relationship between editors and communications managers


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