Pinterest for Business - A non-profit example

by Kate Brodock on 6 November 2012

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Syracuse University was highlighted in the new Pinterest for Business: How to Pin Your Company to the Top of the Hottest Social Media Network book that came out last month as one of the highlighted non-profit examples. The excerpt is as follows:

“…The idea of creating a brand for your non-profit is not against the mission of your company. Developing a system to share the message and news of your organization can offer great dividends toward your platform. So how does a nonprofit take advantage of a social market that can drive an audience to its brand?

Kate Brodock, executive director of digital and social media at Syracuse University…says, ‘We use Pinterest to reach out to our entire community: alumni, current students/faculty/staff/prospective students/etc. We see the platform as allowing us a space to be:

  • Very visual;
  • Very lighthearted;
  • And very fun.

‘Several of the important things we’ve thought about using this platform for - which is important for any organization trying to use it, for-profit or non-profit - are:

  • Don’t make it a direct repeat of your other platforms;
  • Make sure that as many pins as possible are connected back to your brand in some way (whether it’s to the website, one or your other social platforms, or is simply labeled with your brand);
  • Make sure that the platform is integrated with your other platforms, and is not just a standalone solo.

As you can see, the market for nonprofit organizations to use social marketing has great potential. Whether you are in education, healthcare, fundraising, or philanthropy, sharing the news behind business through pins is a great opportunity.”

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